18 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described The Internet

Imagine describing the internet to yourself before you spent this much time online. Or do you not even remember “The Before Time”? [via buzzfeed]



18 responses to 18 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described The Internet

  1. That credit card one is a scam. But if you really want to check if you card # has been stolen, type it here, with expiry and don’t forget the CCV.

  2. I saw the appolsaucy post and it’s icon and I was like

    ‘Teehee little apple on a laptop

    …wait no big apple on a laptop…?’

  3. I hate when I see a tumblr themed post on here, only to open it and realize I’ve already seen the exact same thing on buzzfeed. The tumblr ones are my favorite, and the disappointment is deep.

      1. Oh my god, thank you. I’m so glad you’re here to needlessly point out the obvious. At the very least, I hope it made you feel less like a waste of space.

        @that guy: Yeah it is kind of awful, but it’s one of the best suppliers of tumblr listicles =(

  4. Yep middle aged people are just the worst. How dare they use common social media tools to communicate with other people? So lame. Why don’t they just lie in a hole and die already?

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