15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

From the vast vacuum of Twitter, I bring you…tweets.

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    1. And filling out tax forms, even though they get them from your workplace and know how much you owe or get as a refund.

      1. You know, I’ve thought that before. I’m sure it used to make more sense, but now it seems more like an honesty test. One where if you chat you may or may not get caught, and they might not catch you for years and suddenly that extra 200 dollars you got turns into thousands owed and you’ve got to fill your swimming pool with the tears of your family because you’ve failed them.

        1. 90% of filers could have the IRS do it all for them. HRBlock lobbies the hell out of the govt. to keep the IRS from taking their income away. Only the 10% who have itemized deductions really need to file, and those could do it for free themselves if We The People weren’t so damn ignorant..

      2. Just keep working hard and one day you’ll make so much money that you can get away with not paying taxes for the next 30 years.

  1. I can relate to the hard worker. Liked the ghost one.
    And after many years of study, I too have a Masters in sarcasm. It’s a good defense against idiocy.

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