18 Times Tumblr Totally Got Loners

Being an introvert and wanting friends is kind of like being on fire but afraid of water. [via buzzfeed]



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    1. I think I never related so much to posts than this thread…
      And I don’t know if that’s funny or sad. A bit of both probably.

      1. In fairness, I’m sure Paddy meant to imply that while adults may feel lonely, they shouldn’t express it in a humorous way. Instead, they should let it fester quietly as a mental illness and occasionally assuage their loneliness with the company of hookers, until they realize that isn’t doing it so they start killing those hookers and wearing their skin in order to feel closer to another human being.

  1. The second to last one hits me especially hard. It expresses my utter confusion as to how people, meet, get to know each other, and consistently spend time together, all without ever deciding that the effort isn’t worth the payoff.

    The plan for my social life still looks like this:

    STEP 1: Decide to make new friends.

    STEPS 2 through [X]: ????????

    STEP [X+1]: Friends!

  2. I’ve thought about this before with similar posts…there are people out there who feel like I do, but we’re all too incapacitated by the fear (and company) to ever make it to a point where any type of significant relationship can develop.

    Tl;dr: Hooray, I’m not alone! Oh wait, I am still alone.

    Also, hope is a jerk.

  3. Well i’m not exactly what you can call introvert, i just, i like people, and when i’m interested in someone (eg. a nice girl) i become really nice and fun, but usually i’m just lonely, silent, but if you like, say hello and stuff i’ll be nice and good, also i like making friends and it’s nice when someone opens up to me, i don’t have much friends tho..

  4. I dunno. I’m a loner but I don’t seek out friendship or long for it. I enjoy my time to myself and with the dog. I dont party, drink or anything like that, and I don’t see the fun in casual gatherings so…yeah. I can agree with some, but for me, a true “loner” is that, loner, not just socially awkward. I’m 32 and have pretty much been like this my whole life. I was married but now am divorced. As well as there was a period in my time to where I tried to have a larger social circle but after realizing that most of the time on social media they were complaining about their first world problems all time, or there was so much political or whatever problem going on in the world (cultural, racial, economical, etc) posts going on, it just bored me and since I really don’t care much for much of the outside world, I slowly edged away.
    So, yeah, being alone and a real loner is more geared towards me.

  5. I’m 24 with zero friends. Even in high school I was the odd one out, I always longed for a best friend, I had some people who I would consider my best friend, but no one ever considered me theirs. I’m nice, I’m good looking and normal and I DON’T KNOW WTF IS WRONG WITH ME! and I hate when people post shit like ‘Gah I have no friends!’ then they post a thousand pictures with them at a girls night out with their ‘besties’ and them as a maid of honor in a fucking wedding. No friends my god damn ass.

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