Dogs Are Better Than People (23 Pics)

Humans have done a lot, but a dog manages to outclass us by just wearing a sweater. They didn’t need to invent space travel. [via berry]



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  1. My cat also watches the video of squirrels. She’ll sit there and watch it for as long as I have it up.

    One night, I fell asleep on the couch while watching TV. I awoke at about 2am and there was a duck hunting show on. I looked over at the TV to see the silhouette of my cat on the TV stand pawing at the screen trying to get the ducks.

  2. If I have to see pumpkin patch dog one more time…
    But I’ll never get tired of ‘i know you’re not talking to me that way’ dog.

  3. Agree! A dog will never break your trust to them and especially when it comes to loyalty. People sometimes is not loyal to you and that’s the reason there’s a lot of crime that happens all over the world.

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