Dogs Having a Ruff Day (16 Pics)

Some breeds of dog just have naturally sad faces. But you can still fix it. Take them on a walk, you monster. [via sadanduseless]



12 responses to Dogs Having a Ruff Day (16 Pics)

  1. What I get from this is that pugs have perpetually sad faces.

    Puppies look sad sometimes, but they’re just deep in thought. The world is pretty baffling to a puppy.

  2. Are they having such ruff days because most of them have chronic breathing problems =(???
    #4 is a pretty cool picture though

  3. I’d be sad too if some human inbred me to my parents specifically so my nose would be so malformed that I couldn’t breathe properly.

  4. There is literally nothing natural about pugs and similar breeds. They’re bred to be this deformed because some assholes think it makes them look cute.

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