25 Wacky Pics from Japan

Contrary to popular belief, Japan is not a non-stop parade of wacky situations. However, when they must be wacky… they do a pretty great job. [via thechive]



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  1. But can you call it wacky if that’s normal for them?

    Because I was there. And this stuff is more or less par for the course.

  2. Okay, the image of the guy with the leashed duck is… weirdly familiar. I once met a Japanese tourist who was walking through a park with a duck immediately by her side. It wasn’t a pet, or anything. It was a local duck that she had befriended and joined for a casual stroll.

    Do… Do Japanese people all have some arcane, Beast Master-like power over ducks?

    1. Yes. I cannot leave the house without meeting and befriending at least 3 ducks. My father has shut himself inside because of the vast number of ducks that follow him around. We’re very sad. Please help.

  3. Oh, the swimming pool one is really clever, there’s a bit of glass under the water but above the people’s heads, so it looks like they’re just doing daily things underwater but they’re not.

    1. Yeah, I think its actually pretty cool. There was an art piece at a NY museum (forget which one) where guests were encouraged to go swimming while visitors watched, but it wasn’t underwater like that.

  4. the winnie the pooh guy is actually korean rapper that goes by loco. he was dressed like that for a korean saturday night live skit.

  5. I miss Dick Weasel. I haven’t seen him in way, way, way too long. His snark and sass is always spot on, without ever being cruel. I hope he’s okay.

  6. The guy sleeping on the train… ride a train in Tokyo on a Friday night (hell, after 8:30 any night) and you will see (and smell) the drunks. Actually I saw a guy just stretched out sleeping on the train seat in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday once. I also saw a dude pass out while walking in the train station, hit his head on the side of the (thankfully parked) train, and just lie there snoring while the poor train attendants had to figure out what to do with him.

    …Japanese businessmen drink a lot, is what I’m saying

  7. When the Japanese really want to have fun, they go to other countries in Asia, rape and murder entire cities full of women and children and then deny it even 80 years later.

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