What’s The Simplest Thing You Explained To An Adult? (21 Pics)

Over on reddit a thread asked users “What’s the most simple thing you’ve ever had to explain to a fully competent adult?” and got some hilarious responses. [via 22words]



48 responses to What’s The Simplest Thing You Explained To An Adult? (21 Pics)

    1. Explaining to older family members that while modern music is vulgar, it is consensual and not the same as what Trump said he did.

  1. Anonymous, I get you. I get it. Trump is vile, and that was a super cute picture of that kid. I am as bleeding heart a liberal as a gay woman can get, but OMG CAN I PLEASE HAVE ONE PLACE ON THE FRIGGING INTERNET WHERE I CAN ESCAPE POLITICS AND TRUMP AND POINTLESS SHITTY COMMENTS LIKE YOURS, AND JUST ENJOY SOME VAGUELY AMUSING PICTURES PLEASE.


    1. Guess what? These special snowflakes will be whining and peeing in their beds about Trump for the next four years (and let me guess, they didn’t vote). Then they will do it in 2020, when he is reelected. Then Pence will get it for 2024 and 2028.

      1. I recall conservative snowflakes whining about Obama for eight years. Why is it so shocking when the other side also wines and complains?

        1. Except if you did your research, you’d know that, yes a lot of people were not happy about Obama being in office, HOWEVER, there were no riots and protests. People weren’t destroying government/public property all because their feelings were hurt. But, the issue here isn’t that the OP wants people to stop complaining about Trump, the issue is that NONE OF THESE PICTURES HAVE ANYTHING TO WITH TRUMP AND/OR POLITICS!! WHY ARE YOU BRINGING IT UP HERE!?

    1. Such conversions mostly depend on if you’re bad at math.
      That may not be controversial enough so I will restate:
      Such conversions mostly depend on if your bad at math.

  2. While working at a donought shop I had to explain to a grown woman (co-worker) who was panicking because we ran out of quarters and couldn’t give a customer the right change that she could just use two dimes and a nickle. She looked at me like I was explaining quantum theory to her.

    1. First of all, your claim, if true, would have to be an extreme anomaly. Second, and this caused harm to whom and in what way, that could not be wonderfully and joyfully rectified by her and husband?

      1. Sadly, it is true. For the record, I’m female as well and we were just friends. She came from a very religious almost cult-ish family. Finally left on her own volition when she was 21; she moved to ‘the big city’ (Waterloo, Ont) to go to school, we met in an anthropology class (she wanted to study evolution to prove that creationism was looney). She had to learn a LOT of things from a councilor (how to do banking, find a job, etc…) but was too embarrassed to ask about the S-E-X so I had the honour of that talk.

        Also, I can not imagine how traumatic having sex for your first time and knowing literally nothing about what was happening and being done to your body.

    2. First of all, your claim, if true, would have to be an extreme anomaly. Second, and this caused harm to whom and in what way, that could not be wonderfully and joyfully rectified by her and husband?

      1. Dude, I know I wouldn’t want to marry someone and THEN find out what sex is. That could potentially be an awful situation for everyone involved. I think it’s good to be informed enough about sex in order to make your own decision whether you wanna try it out before marriage or wait for a spouse.

  3. “A cursor is what I’ll be after this phone call is finished, mum.”

    Also, if you shut the fridge door slowly, you can see the light go out. I know because I was a shit kid who was utterly fascinated by this. Most fridges have a point where the light goes out before the door is actually shut.

  4. Look I know that’s not how thermostats work. Everyone knows it! I still do it, and would be annoyed if someone tried to explain it to me!

    1. There are a lot of people who don’t understand it and will switch it to extremes throughout the day. It’s the worst and it makes it so that your living space is never a comfortable temperature! Only monsters live that way.

  5. I worked at a tech support call center. Asked a customer if her computer was currently powered on. Her response: “how would I know that?” She genuinely didn’t understand that an electrical device would look different powered on or turned off. Lights, display on the screen, gentle fan whirring. She didn’t get it.

    1. This should be followed up by “no passing on the right” – but people need to follow rule #1 so that others can follow rule #2

    2. That’s not actually how it is where I live. At all. Slower drivers (going exactly the speed limit or slightly under) keep right. Everyone else (whom i consider to be normal drivers) keep left even if their not passing. It simply depends on speed

  6. Not as dumb as some of these, but I have a real idiot cousin who’s in his forties who through a temper tantrum in a restaurant because the specials weren’t in the menu, not realizing the waiter tells them to you when you order everyday.

    Same part of the family: I had to take 10 minutes explaining to a married family member that if Gay people are allowed to get married, that doesn’t mean that the government is going to force straight people to get divorced. When his wife chimed in and echoed the same sentiment he paused and stared off into space for a solid minute. I could see the hamster spinning the little wheel.

    I’ve got a lot of stupid fuckers in my bloodline.

    1. One of my cousins still believes that HIV is airborne and you can catch AIDS from being in the same building as someone with it. He refuses to go near hospitals and had a major panic attack when someone pointed out that they don’t screen for HIV-Positive individuals before letting them on planes/buses/trains etc.

  7. Putting your thermostat to 90 will most likely make it heat to 74 faster. Most control systems have a proportional effect which will make the heater hotter the farther the current temperature is from the desired one.

    1. Um no. Some control systems are PID loops, your heater is not.
      The heater has two settings for the fan (on and off) and two settings for generating heat (flame on and flame off, or just on and off for electric). All of the heat comes from the flame and it will not be made “more on” by you turning the set point up higher.
      It is possible to have a system with a variable firing rate and a variable fan but these are not sold to normal humans. They cost more, would need more expertise to install and maintain, and have more things to break, both of which deter us normal people from buying them. A company could make an ordinary furnace more like your hypothetical one but that would also cut in to profit margins for very little gain.
      If you have steam radiators then you may have a case where there might be proportional flow. But even then the boiler has a fixed firing rate unless you are using wood or coal. And it would start to heat as soon as the temperature sagged and you wouldn’t need to catch up so wildly.
      Double Fail for the supposed Control Engineer.

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