How Did That Even Happen? (10 Pics)

You ever see something so puzzling that suddenly you feel like you’re in a riddle? [via collegehumor]



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        1. As an insurance adjuster, I can tell you it happens all the time. No one seems to know how to tie down anything on a truck. But I can also tell you, this pic is fake. That’s not the kind of damage that either the vehicle or the oven would have sustained, especially at a high rate of speed for the vehicle.

          1. Actually, if the oven fell on the car it would look a great deal like that. Notice the front wheels are bowed out and the front of the car is flattened downward.

          2. In a cartoon, it would look like that. Even if it fell off a crain, directly onto the truck, it’s not the kind of damage that would result and the oven would have been destroyed. The same forces that were applied to the truck, would have been pushing back on the oven. To cause that much damage to the front end, including or especially the bending of the axle, it would take several tons of force. If I showed up and saw this, we would not pay the claim and sue you for fraud.

        2. Sorry, My whole point wasn’t to argue with anyone, but to make you feel better. Yes, car accidents are terrifying. Yes, unfortunately, it’s all too common to have debris sneak up on you while driving and scare the crap out of you. However, most of these kinds of accidents are very survivable and cause much less damage than is seen is this picture.

          1. Agreed the same forces apply, but the car is composite steel alloy, ovens are considerably denser, and except for the tempered shatter proof glass solid steel, maybe a high temperature plastic handle. If the car was made of the same material it would be closer to what you describe. As it is the front end of the car is meant to crumple, not so true of ovens.

          2. Another option is that the truck sustained the damage in a completely unrelated way, and the guy found the engine bay a nice (redneck nice) place to put the oven that he also needed to transport.

            (PS – there’s no way that oven fell on top of the truck and did that damage – where’s the deck lid? where’s the engine? did the oven compress a solid iron engine block? c’mon.)

    1. nope…. because this oven did not hit that vehicle, if this truck had run into that oven the damage would be different, the edges of both fenders would be slightly pulled in and hood would be crushed behind oven breaking the windshield

      not to mention the oven would have been destroyed…no way would it be in the condition it is in…whether it was hit by truck or fell on truck…it would be destroyed

      1. I just realized that it doesn’t say anywhere that it was in Florida, but my brain automatically assumed it was in Florida.

        1. It was in South Carolina. As a native of Florida, I thought much the same myself. That line of thinking was an especially easy sell with the expression on the woman’s face, like “Yeah, bet you never heard THAT before…”

  1. OK, the goat one – the wires were probably close to a hill only goats can climb, and then the poor goat got caught and sort of zip-lined down them. They look like telegraph wires which are often closer to the ground than electric wires.

    1. It’s a bighorn sheep, actually! They are very nimble climbers but sometimes end up in seriously bizarre predicaments. Tried to find the story behind it but there were so many similar stories to slog through xD

    1. My thumb is double jointed and when its cold it does that and then locks so I cant pick up anything for about 2 hours. A frosty night and I wake up without opposable thumbs

  2. My brother did the same thing as the Woman in the first pic. 1 pole in the whole parking lot and he hit smashed right into it. He was trying to avoid a stop light and cut through….dumbass!

  3. I have actually witnessed a dog pooping on a wall. Well, not a wall, but the side of a tree. He backed up into it and just let it blow. Stuck there until the rain washed it away.

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