21 Tweeters Who Made A Terrible Mistake

Usually when you screw up you feel bad and then forget about it. But it’s better to immortalize it on Twitter so we can all laugh at it forever. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. Okay, enough with the Youth In Asia thing. Buzzfeed posts it 9 times a day. It was funny the first time we saw it four years ago. Also the lasagna baby is getting a little overused.

      1. Welcome to the World Wide Web. Search for the dancing Ally McBeal baby. I think you’ll really enjoy it! Juts click on your BonziBuddy and he’ll help you find it.

    1. Yes, as in the sentence, “I brung a hal and peenyo to clear out my sinuses after I got dick, but it didn’t work so I’m considering youth in Asia.”

  2. I laughed really hard at the amphibious pitcher, and then even harder when I saw that it was supposed to be ambidextrous (I thought they were trying to say ambitious).

  3. How do you get name and color mixed up for a cake, regardless of where you get it from? I know Wal-Mart employees don’t have the best reputation around, but they’re in the clear on this one. I have to wonder what was going through their mind when “surprise me” was the answer to “what’s his name?”.

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