12 Dads Who Didn’t Want A Dog

If only dads going back on their word was always so adorable. Seriously though, he never got me a kite. [via sadanduseless]



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  1. Same thing happened with my old dogs. We got one puppy, and then the sister was returned sick to the breeders. We took the puppy to the vet and took care of it and all throughout my dad said we were not going to keep her. When we found a new home for her, he told us she wasn’t leaving.

  2. Technically, that dog isn’t on the couch. It is on The Dad.
    I am an expert in dog technicalities and have been since I was three.

  3. My dad always claimed to not like cats. I moved out with 18, got myself a cat, but then had to move back with 20, cat and all. First he pulled his face, then a couple of weeks later my parents came back from a party with a kitten. “We thought she might like some company” he said. He’s been covered in cats ever since.

    1. Haha almost the exact same thing happened in my family. When I moved out again, I took both cats with me. My parents actually don’t have any pets now, but whenever they visit, my step-dad wanders through my house looking for the cats and then spends the entire time petting and playing with them.

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