40 Uplifting and Positive Pics

A lot of the memes spread around the net aren’t so nice! So here’s a good collection of stuff that will hopefully make you smile but not in the evil smirk type of way.  [via thechive]    


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    1. That’s sweet of you! If you can’t adopt one, you can always foster or volunteer at a rescue. Animals are really wonderful to be around, and I’m sure they’d love your company!

      1. Pretty sure I learned once that birds can’t “hold it” so their intestines just let loose when they reach a certain fullness. Hello, new carpet!

  1. Aaaaaa. I read a story about a bad happening about an hour ago and couldn’t stop feeling bad about it, but now I feel better. Thank you!

  2. I know a woman who keeps alpacas. She had kept horses, but then she met an alpaca and fell in love. She said she just stood there, staring in its eyes and crying. She found new homes for her horses and got alpacas. They are really wonderful.

    1. Sweet story and all, but your friend shouldn’t just abandon living beings with new homes because she’s bored of them. I pity any living creature she takes in. But the alpacas at least has someone who likes them…..for now.

  3. Thank you. I have been a bit under the weather the last few weeks and I’m feeling blue. This helped a bit.
    I loved the ‘Thank you’ instead of ‘sorry’ one, but sometimes it should be ‘thank you + sorry’.

  4. I live an hour and some change from an Alpaca farm. They act like cats and get really starved for attention so I guess they’re lucky down in Peru to have so many.

    1. I spent some time at an alpaca farm. One was faking a pregnancy and only wanted to lean on me while I scratched her back. For like an hour. We were buds.

  5. Troll: I don’t get #’s 20 & 21. Why are they uplifting?

    You: *scrolls through the maximum number of pictures on this page just to help someone else have a better day*

    Me: you’re all wonderful people and I hope you have a lovely day

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