17 Funny Sims Moments That Capture Real Life

The Sims is a video game meant to emulate real life, but The Sims Logic collects the weird, funny moments that go too far. Somehow these glitches capture life better than an accurate representation! [via dorkly]



8 responses to 17 Funny Sims Moments That Capture Real Life

    1. Used to? I have no clue what you’re referring to, I still do this. And the pool with no ladder. Took those damn people two real life hours to drown.

    2. I heard that you could die by flies from walking through garbage (in S2), so I put a sim in a room, created a maze, and put all the family trash in there, and made her walk the gauntlet for like 30 days. It worked. It was was biblical.

  1. I have been happily visiting pleated jeans for a few years now, and have gotten many laughs from it. But I have never laughed so hard as I did with the horse picture. It’s so absurd, and I love it! Learned a good lesson, though. I shouldn’t look at this website in bed when my wife is already asleep.

  2. Many more pages besides Sims Logic post these kinds of things. There are several. Also, no mention that it’s the Sims 17th anniversary?

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