20 Comedians Telling Great Jokes

Live comedy is great but in my opinion a revolution will occur when someone figures out how to do practical jokes on stage. [via thechive]



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  1. A lot of these were great, but you can’t fit a bottle of wine in a Starbucks Venti cup. A Venti cup is 20 ounces, or 591 ML. A typical bottle of wine is 750 ML. Even a Venti cold cup is about 710 ML. This is important, people.

    1. Hey, Claire here with the drinking problem and a venti cup. You’re looking at the HOT cup, not the plastic iced one. A venti cold cup is 24 fl oz (but the hot drink cardboard one is a measly 20oz), and a standard bottle of wine is 750 ml or 25.36 fl oz.

      So, technically, it doesn’t quite fit but I’m taking into account your hands shaking as you dump out your Teavana® Shaken Iced Passion Tango™ Tea and replace it with Three Buck Chuck in the bathroom at your office.

      1. Cool like hack! but aren’t the cold cups see-through? Do I get some of those cardboard sleeves so the color isn’t as obvious?

  2. To all you dick-heads pretending to be Donald Trump: you will never be like him.

    Unless, of course, you too are a racist bigot, with weird hands, stupid hair, one suit, one tie, a penchant for grabbing women by the vagina and by not doing your taxes.

    If that’s you, then pretend away…..

  3. If anyone thinks that *all* very rich ppl (including, gasp! – Clintons) don’t minimize their tax burden by every legal means available, then they are very naive (and most likely a snowflake libtard).

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