15 Hilarious Amputees Goofing Off

The only thing you really can’t lose is your sense of humor. [via boredpanda]



17 responses to 15 Hilarious Amputees Goofing Off

    1. Bet she’s still doubly kick your lame ass “Tiny dick President”.
      I think she’s very hot; great body. Doesnt make a difference to me if she has one leg or two.

  1. To be fair, it’s really 7 or 8 hilarious amputees, distributed over 15 photos.

    I had a hilarious friend Greg, with one leg, which I didn’t realise for a long time (about the leg, not that he was my friend, you chodes!). He was great at faking major leg injuries. This was the 90’s when we didn’t have fancy ipads or 4g internet or girlfriends. Just Greg. Climbing out of the water “injuries” were the best. Thanks Greg ! The rest of you is pretty great too!

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