15 Subtle Ways To Screw With People

Over on reddit, people admitted their favorite ways to subtly mess with people. No harm, no foul. But still funny. [via ebaumsworld]



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  1. Last one is pretty thoughtless since stuttering is an actual condition and shouldn’t be used as the butt of a joke. Same with lazy eye – in a day and age where politeness is often lacking, why would you take advantage of someone’s disinclination to say something that might embarrass you? Seems kind of douche-y.

    End soapbox. Imo most of the rest were funny.

    1. I love how we all feel that we need to tell others that something “offended” us. I wonder how many people are like me and started reading your comment and immediately thought of you as a pretentious ass hat.

  2. What a delightful feature. There are few things I find as fun as this kind of gaslighting, whether I’m the victim or the perpetrator.

    A lot of people – people like Anonymous above – seem to reflexively think of pranks as mean-spirited and offensive. But how boring is life if everything is predictable? I wouldn’t want to go through life without ever questioning my sanity or wondering whether the very fabric of reality broke down for a second.

    Also, I’m not ashamed to say that I read the “Steven Johnson Banks” thing like four times before I realized, “oh, you’re doing a meta thing and I fell for it.” Well played!

  3. I went to a party at a friend’s house one night. There was a bowl of raw potatoes on the table. Another friend’s wife and I got the idea to hide the potatoes in random places throughout the house.

  4. I like going to a restaurant and when they ask my name it is always RAUCOUS.
    I love hearing over the PA system “Raucous party of Four”

    Works the same if I say the family name is republican.
    “Republican Party of Four.”

    Maybe I’ll try MORBID next time.

        1. I’ve done “Donner”, several times. One really good hostess one time said, on the PA…. “Donner party of 4….. 3……2” We were a party of 2.

          I also do “Wylde” then we get the “Wild party of 3…”

  5. I host at a restaurant and I’ll put down whatever name you want. I’ve had few Beyonce’s, a Batman, an I Don’t Care, a Hungry, and my favorite Shannon Keeper of the Sword and Protector of Truth. They always make my night.

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