17 Hilarious Posts about IKEA

All over tumblr, twitter and various other internet hang-outs people have been ruminating about the strange nature of our beloved Scandinavian furniture chain. [via smosh]



17 responses to 17 Hilarious Posts about IKEA

  1. Don’t write a post saying you’re lost in ikea, update saying you and an employee are lost and then get pissy when people ask you to finish your stupid fucking story.

    1. The warehouses are a little more forgiving with space to meander around but there are parts of many Ikea stores that really are built like mazes. Or haunted houses. Often there’s only going forward or going back for rooms and rooms and rooms. You can wander the rooms and browse the items but you can’t cut across aisles or through departments in a beeline to the exit. You’re following a colored line on the floor if you’re lucky.

      1. Yes you can, there’s shortcuts throughout the store to cut from, say, the kitchen display to the area where all the lamps are. They don’t even hide the shortcuts. They have signs for them.

  2. fuck is this bullshit. ikea has shortcuts, just find them morons. the journey of a 1000 miles becomes only 2000 miles because you’ll lose track of everything and just start back tracking like an idiot 😀

    1. When the castle was enchanted, the servants were all turned into things like furniture, dishes, etc. Once the curse was lifted, they became people again and – voila – no more furniture.

      1. I think they’re asking what they did with the furniture they inevitably had before they were all turned into various household items. Did they just say “welp, we’re the furniture now” and toss all the old shit out?

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