21 Wonderfully Stupid Life Hacks

Good advice is good, but not as good as bad advice. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. Regarding Denny’s pick-me-up solution, I would just like to point out that it may be the most normal thing that has ever been posted to the restaurant’s social media. If you’re a fan of insanity (and even if you’re not a fan of pancakes), go follow them on Twitter right now. The other day, they posted literally nothing other than a dozen eggs. That is, twelve separate posts of identical pictures of a single white egg against a white background.

    I’ve been an admirer of their no-doubt drug-addled social media manager ever since I read an article about major companies’ social media marketing and saw that the author had placed Denny’s in its very own category of “I-can’t-even-tell-whether-right-or-wrong-anymore.”

  2. That was really funny! Haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

    Especially the banana one. Starts off precise as hell with a triangle ruler & a scalpel. Then proceeds to cut a pretty shitty hole in the bread & just stuffs the fucking banana through! lol!

    1. Ah, so that’s the story your girlfriend told you about why a guy gave her $100. Does she find many “books” with money in them by any chance?

  3. The coffee on the stove one would actually work.
    As long as the liquid doesn’t boil, it will keep the temperature of the paper cup below its flash point, so it actually won’t catch fire.

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