25 Screenshots of Despair

Screenshots of Despair is a blog that collects pictures mostly from video games and programs that are unexpectedly dark or depressing… and they’re hilarious. [via smosh]



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    1. It’s a joke suicide assistant. On the other side it says “suicidal tendencies. One use only.” Thankfully it’s not a real thing.

      1. old rock star

        songs like:
        Maggie May
        Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
        Have I Told You Lately

        Not bad, strange looking cat, married the supermodel Rachel Hunter at one point but I think they are divorced now.

    1. I am from Indiana. I know what damage Mike Pence can do. You don’t want him in charge. Trust me. If you kill one, kill the other, too. Paul Ryan would be the better choice.

  1. that “help” on the forehead picture has been on multiple articles on pleated jeans in the past week. please can we move on. it’s not funny anymore. you murdered it. thanks.

    1. Yeah, it’s been everywhere the last few weeks. Now it’s found the pic dump where it belongs. RIP, poor “help” teacher dude…

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