Who Wore It Better? (20 Pics)

These can’t all be coincidences. And you gotta admit, sometimes you see a really cool looking can you and you think “that’s my next outfit”. [via boredpanda]



11 responses to Who Wore It Better? (20 Pics)

    1. She’s passed out drunk. She had on a tan dress but her art club friends drew the pattern on her witb a sharpie as a punishment for being the first to pass out.

  1. The socks/carpet one is the Portland Airport. The carpet is some sort of symbol for the city now. When they replaced it (with something similar) the port authority gave all the old carpet to three local places to sell as carpet or in frames. A couple of place in the airport sell socks, shirts, mugs, etc with the pattern on it. So that person knows they bought socks to match the carpet.

    1. also a fun fact, the architect of the airport designed the carpet to look like an abstracted birds-eye view of the airport, with paths of planes going in all four directions

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