22 Stupid Lifehacks

“But are they still stupid if they work?” Yeah. Yeah, they are. [via ebaumsworld]     


24 responses to 22 Stupid Lifehacks

  1. 2 things:

    1. beer and mowing shouldn’t go together. That’s a quick way to become an amputee.

    2. That’s the only thing an Xbox should be used for.

  2. 1. Poor guppy.
    2. The seat pallet will work great until you’re in an accident, at which point you will be dead.
    3. The recycling chute is brilliant.

      1. It’s a goldfish. It’s fine, for now. Change the water weekly and find him a bigger home SOON. Figure about a gallon of water per inch of fish.

  3. Which one was stupid? Useful hacks for real people who don’t go around judging people whom are smarter than them but not shallow. The stupid one was the schmo who is too good for a reclining chair boat ride into these sunset with our frosty gallon beer hats on. High class problems are a pain in the ass. I wouldn’t know.

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