27 Dangerous Acts of Stupidity

There’s a certain type of person that seems to not want to pass on their genes. You can debate or not that’s a good thing. [via acidcow]



27 responses to 27 Dangerous Acts of Stupidity

  1. The gator one actually isn’t dangerous. I’ve gotten pics with gators that close before, and as long you aren’t in front of them, they can’t attack you fast enough. Furthermore, they aren’t aggressive when sunbathing, so long as you don’t go out of your way to bother them.

      1. See, you say that with sarcasm, but yes, many animal behaviors are entirely predictable. We are able to identify warning signs for literally thousands of creatures, to know when they are a threat and when we are mostly safe to proceed.

        The reason approaching the Gator in this way is safe is because were to actually decide that it didn’t like the unsolicited photograph is that Gators are not built for turning on land, their main method for attacking is ambushing head on. By the time a gator turns and decides to chase you, if that were to happen, you would have had plenty of time to react and get a safe distance, as while they can do quick bursts of speed, distance running is not their strong suit.

        Of course, it’s not advisable to just walk up to gators with the assumption that you can outrun them, as you may slip or something, but as long as you remain cautious, there’s really nothing to fear.

        Now, being in the water on the other hand with a gator, no thank you. That’s never a good idea.

        1. Also, not an expert on alligators here but can’t you like, clamp their mouths shut fairly easily?

          Not suggesting that you go out and do that but if you had no other course of action…

        2. All of that crap you just posted could be valid…if the guy didn’t take his eyes off the gator to get the pic. It will work most of the time but eventually one of the dumbass picture whores will get eaten while posing.

  2. Ha! Most of these are terrifying, but I’ve never felt more Southern than when I realized that a few make me just shrug because I’ve seen them firsthand.

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