These Adoptable Cats Have Bizarre Likes and Dislikes

I gave these adoptable cats some interesting likes and dislikes. Stealthily left at Sante D’Or Animal Rescue. All these cats are real and need a home! [via obvious plant]

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11 responses to These Adoptable Cats Have Bizarre Likes and Dislikes

  1. I want to adopt Guinevere, I can overlook her trying to trip me because I know she will scratch anyone who chooses rainbow road

  2. My cats wouldn’t have such fun cards.
    Likes: Waking you up at the asscrack of dawn
    Dislikes: Having less than 20 kibbles in his bowl

  3. Likes: the heat of your laptop
    Dislikes: “Check your own goddamn sources.”

    Likes: gaslighting the dog
    Dislikes: the name Jennifer

    Likes: the smell of fish and lavender
    Dislikes: the human voice

    Likes: chasing the red dot
    Dislikes: the inability to catch the red dot

  4. Cat Name: Knock Out
    Likes: Being brushed until his fluff is silky
    Dislikes: scratches on the paintjobs of nice cars.

    Cat Name: Sammy
    Likes: Burritos
    Dislikes: Being teased about the toilet incident.

  5. Cat Name: Francis (Fran…or sometime Your Royal Majesty)
    Likes: Being the Dark Empress, Making Mommy miserable when its bed time.
    Dislikes: Any type of affection…even when she wants it…

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