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war and peas


viamr lovenstein

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    1. The sandwich was invented by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. He liked playing cards and other games of chance so much that he didn’t even wanted to stop for lunch or dinner. (Otherwise known as addiction to gambling) . “How shall I solve this conundrum ?” he thought, after having to interupt his game time and time again. He even tried just eating with a fork. But this technique only resulted in him getting food on his fine clothing. And, being a bit of a dandy, didn’t suit ( 🙂 him at all. Then, on one glorious night, inspiration struck ! Monty ordered his fateful manservant Stibbons to put different food items between two pieces of bread to eat his meals with one hand ! Long story short ; you can’t eat that monstrosity with one hand, stay clean, and play cards. Not a sandwich.

      1. Good luck eating a footlong steak and cheese one-handed while playing cards and staying perfectly clean. Guess that’s not a sandwich, either….

        1. Footlong “sandwiches ” are only useful to make muricans fatter. They serve 2 liter cups of soda at most fast food restaurants in murica too. I don’t drink that much soda in a day. Let alone during a single meal. In England and the rest of the world normal sized portions were, and are, enough.

          1. please tell me where what fast food place has two liter cups of soda.

            i effing love soda.

      2. Oh, come now. By that standard a lot of foods aren’t what they claim to be. If we’re going by “it was invented like this…” standards then pizza stops being pizza when you add anything but sauce.

        I still contend that it is not, in fact, a sandwich. But for entirely different reasons. A sandwich requires 2 (minimum) slices of bread with filling(s).

        The dictionary defines slice as –
        Slice : noun
        a thin, flat piece cut from something

        When you cut a loaf, or in this case bagel, in this fashion it has not been sliced, it has been halved. Similarly, a loaf of bread cut down the middle vertically would not be considered a slice of bread.

        So no, that is not a true sandwich as it is not between slices of bread.

        1. “Boom! logiced” ? I have the distinct feeling all of you are taking this a taaad too serious. The muricans up there have resorted to juvenile name calling, trying to “get me back” while I’m not even English, and feigning ignorance about their daily eating habits. And you are trying to outright “disprove” me. No one invented the sandwich. People all over just started doing it. The only thing the Earl of Sandwich did was give it the name. Which has never been proven that it actually happened. Two minutes on Wikipedia would have told you the same. How’s that for logic ?

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