29 Small Bad Things You Definitely Do

Even though literally every person does these things we still feel bad doing them. [via buzzfeed]     


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    1. That’s why I never click them. Unless you actually have to sign up for an account to add a website sooooo many people will just be 4 year olds about it- “ha I made you look at naked people!” because they don’t know the difference between being funny and being an ass and ruining it for people. So… basically don’t ever click any link that isn’t provided by someone you know.

      1. I didn’t realize until right this moment that you could make it a link — I had no idea why it was asking for my website.

      1. 1. It’s entertaining to see what the highest prices item is.
        2. You can start at your upper limit and not accidentally scroll above it.
        3. Often the first page or two of the lowest price item are not the thing you’re looking for.

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