Funny Pic Dump (2.21.17)

viathey can talk

viaviaviaviaviathe oatmeal
viaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviabranson reese

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  1. Drinkin’ my protein shake while I was reading these and oh my lord the emma stone one almost made me spit-take all over my screen. Then I though I was safe, took another big mouthful and “beep beep lettuce” scrolls into view. Man it’s hard to be jacked and read the funny pic dump at the same time! Good Job Derek!

  2. Some days you’re a cat, hiding in a beer fridge. Some days you’re a man, hiding in a banana fort. Some days you’re a disembodied soul, hanging with Satan.

    1. I would give them all my money, then I would steal more money and give them that money, then repeat. I will get ALL THE KISSES, please and thank you.

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