22 Creative and Funny Sidewalk Signs

I like when my hope is that the restaurant can hold up to the bar set by the sign. [via acidcow]



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    1. In general, humans don’t understand odds. But in the case of birthdays, that’s close enough for government work. In a group of 365 people, the odds of finding someone with your birthday is 1 in 19. So, 1 in 365 random people walking by, depending on traffic, good enough. Its also why its so hard to win the birthday prizes from radio stations. Too many people are calling in, and your odds skyrocket. Its not 1 in 19. Its 1 in 19 of several million, so around 1 in lets say 4 million in the listening area, equals 1 in 76 million. Huh? What? Yeah, odds are impossible to comprehend.

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