26 Incredibly Funny Hall Passes

It’s funny to burden someone with a weird object when they are already in need of relief. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. Some of these are funny… Others not so much.

    Anything that could be inherently a health hazard or could humiliate the kid… I feel like that’s uncalled for. The kids who are just trying to get out of class *might* be dissuaded… But in my school a lot of those kids were the practical jokester types and they probably would’ve just found it amusing. On the reverse of that, the kids who actually need to use the restroom or leave the room for some pressing issue… All you’re doing is drawing more attention to something they may already feel self-conscious about. Not cool.

    That said, I love the rat on a leash.
    Also “Just take the plaintain.” LMAO XD

  2. OMG!!! The girl with the picture of the matador, my parents had the same one hanging in our living room when I was a kid. I never thought I would see it again!

          1. Depends on the school district. My school district had an open door policy. You were free to come and go as you please, in High School at least.

  3. Just the very idea of a shared object as a hall pass is completely unsanitary. Isn’t that the entire premise of the terrifying movie Contagion where poor Gwyneth Paltrow dies in the first five minutes?

  4. What the actual fuck is a “hall pass”?! What possible purpose could it serve, pointing out which kid is about to take a dump??

    1. It shows the kid has permission to be put of class, occasionally to run an errand for a teacher, but generally to use the restroom outside the designated times.

      1. My country or any of our neighbors don’t have this system so it’s not familiar. Don’t assume everyone lives in a country like america.

        1. Warning! This is a stupid and probably pointless rant!

          America is not a country. It is two continents. North America and South America. Of course most citizens of the USA assume that they are the only Americans, and apparently Europeans assume the same.

          I being a stupid “American” learned this when I lived in Japan. Whenever I would say that I am an American, they would always ask whether I meant North or South.

          1. Yea except to most of the country the word America is used to define The United States. Even Canadians and Mexicans say American. TECHNICALLY you are correct, but it is just as accurate to say that we are American or from America. You’re really just arguing for arguing sake or to appear more intelligent than everyone else. So, like, stop it. You’re not blowing anyone’s mind here.

  5. So I rhink I understand what a hall pass is but how does it work if the person patroling the hall doesn’t know in advance, what it should look like?
    Some are good and have “hall pass” written on them. But how would you prove you got the fruit/stone/whatever from your teacher.

      1. Would you PURPOSELY walk down the halls with some of those items if the instructor didn’t make you? If someone comes down the hall with a large paper mache’ pencil, I wouldn’t think they were there to rob the school’s office. Maybe they had a really, REALLY big test that day and they didn’t want to use a #2 (oops, pardon the pun)? LOL

  6. Wait, so you have people patrolling the corridors to control whether students have a weird object that entitles them to take a piss? Are these people paid? What happens if someone doesn’t have a viable vegetable?
    This system is wild!?!

    1. Yeah you could undermine the whole system quite easily. I’d love to hear of kids carrying random counterfeit veges, I’m thinking gourds people. We never had this where I live. Although I do know someone that corrupted and undermined a merit point system using counterfeits.

  7. We only had hall passes in grade school. Never needed them in high school, we’d just raise a hand and ask for permission from the teacher. Weird to see them being used for anything beyond middle school.

  8. Ok, the “frivolous errand” one pisses me off. Needing to go to the bathroom is a necessary bodily function. Get off your fucking high horse lady/man!

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