Cats That Are Ruining Their Owner’s Lives (17 Pics)

If it’s the little things in life that bring you happiness, then cats will find those little things and destroy them. [via ebaumsworld]



11 responses to Cats That Are Ruining Their Owner’s Lives (17 Pics)

  1. Oh my god, the cat putting the thumbtack in the shoe! Evil genius!

    These cats made me appreciate how well-behaved my own sweet cat is.

  2. My cat has earned the nicknames “Little Polly Trip-and-Fall” and “Fluffy Piece of Shit” for exactly this reason. I love him but trying to clean my house when he’s in a playful mood is a lesson in the inevitable heat death of the universe.

    1. Aaaand now my cat’s new name when he’s being a dick is gonna be Professor Fluffy Piece of Shit (He went to college). Previously he was just Admiral Asshat.

  3. My cat is generally well behaved, although she likes to play with cords and wants to sit on my lap whenever I’m using my laptop.

    I once brought home a couple of stray kittens that we found at work. I was just keeping them until I could find homes for them. One of them unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper.

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