15 Best Disney Related Tumblr Posts

Disney is so huge for this generation that it serves like a second language. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s very popular and people like to make jokes about it. [via dorkly]



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        1. Haha thought you m want athirst the fact that she’s not a Disney princess.

          Still my favorite princess.

      1. but that’s not a joke. I mean – it just isn’t. It’s as much of a joke as saying that Robin Hood was the best movie Bluth Studios ever made in 1986. Just wrong facts.

        Also, don’t be a jerk.

          1. Soooo… Either you get irritated by someone wasting your time by giving wrong information, or you “get the joke” by reading something clearly wrong and think its funny ? In that case I have a few jokes you’ll probably think are hilarious. We are not living on Earth but on a oddly shaped potato that was made in 1878 by Charles Fauntleroy Darwin and Nicolette Tesla. Ha ha ha. Did you know that Apple actually stole its design for the ipad from a Franciscan monk ? She described the idea in a story about how she could make apple pie from marble pineapples grown locally. HA HA HA. Ok, I know these were hilarious. Last one; Trump is a fantastic president with great hair that would NEVER backpedal from all the promises he made. I hope you liked these.

          2. Stating something false with absolutely no twist or unexpected statement is now a joke? Because the statement was wrong twice it’s now funny?

            The “good for him” part is a joke because it’s actually an unexpected play on what the person said. The beginning is just being dumb, whether it’s intentionally wrong or not.

          3. I’m sure our president will be happy to know he’s a comedian now that simply stating things that aren’t true = jokes.

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