31 Adorably Horrible Little Kids

Little kids can be bad, but their badness is matched by their complete lack of understanding. So it’s kind of cute. Kind of. [via thechive]



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    1. Plot twist, the little girl is Rapunzel as a 6yo

      Her dad and mom (King and Queen) are trying to save her from danger by cutting her hair

      She runs away and is befriended by a kindly woman she meets in the woods…

    1. Yeah, I know when I’m controlling my kid like a puppeteer, I make sure he’s perfectly behaved. Of course, now and then I need to do tasks that take both hands, or I need to sleep, so I find a comfortable, safe place where he can be perfectly still and silent until I’m done.

      Really, it’s just common sense.

  1. That first kid should have been taken to the car after the first pile of clothes was pulled off. Where TF are his parents to let that go on for so long?!?

  2. Maybe the kid has something wrong with his wrist and can’t bowl. My sister can’t bowl because her wrist bones never fused. Or maybe he just constantly feels the need to be entertained to distract him from what a terrible mess his life is. (I definitely can’t relate to that…)

    Anyway, cute and funny list.

    1. Or maybe he just really loves bowling and is playing on his ipad until it’s his turn to bowl in real life again. I know I hate just sitting there while other people have a go.

  3. [email protected] says:

    Oh great! The boring political names and porn links are back. Thanks for trying to ruin a fun site! By the way – you’re boring, nobody clicks on your dumb links, and making the same bad joke over and over is a really good use of your time.

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