19 Shower Thoughts To Busy Your Noggin

Who need brain teasers or sudoku? These shower thoughts will do the trick! [via ebaumsworld]



15 responses to 19 Shower Thoughts To Busy Your Noggin

  1. The NSFW one is kinda pointless cuz who verbally says either of those? Also, and I’m nitpicking here, it’s “fewer”, not “less”…

    Most of the rest were great though!

    1. That one confused me because as you said nobody says it aloud, so I was staring at it thinking ‘but nuhsffrweh DOES have less syllables than not safe for work

        1. What?? I’ve NEVER heard anyone just said “dub dub dub”, it’s always either “double-u” or they just leave that part out entirely.

  2. I don’t usually like these ‘shower thoughts’ posts but this was a great selection. The father xmas one really tickled me!

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