23 Strange Pics That Need A Closer Look

Not everything is as it appears to be! For example, this text is actually dark gray, not black. [via buzzfeed]



26 responses to 23 Strange Pics That Need A Closer Look

  1. That first one messed me up. I looked at it for a long moment before reading the caption and was absolutely sure I was looking at a pair of legs that had been tightly Saran-wrapped, or something.

    Great collection.

        1. ??? In the picture on the right, she has one freckle just under her left eye, none under her right. In the picture on the left, she has a freckle under each eye. The picture on the left is the mirrored version of her face, where her left side appears normally, and her “right” side is actually her left, flipped around. Check out her robe and the towel on her head.

          1. Look at the handle of the person posting the mirror pic. It’s some teenage boy, not the pretty girl in the photos….that’s the hitch.

          2. Yeah, the left is a mirrored pic, the rights a normal pic, sso you can see how similar the two are. Her face is very symmetrical. She was probably born via c section. I’m just curious as to why she’s wearing a towel and robe with so much makeup. Is that how people put on makeup before going out or something?

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