18 Savage Parenting Techniques

Being a parent is partially love, hard work and responsibility. But the good part is messing with your kids. [via smosh]



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  1. I like the phone one. That is something my parents would have done had cell phones existed when I was young and I got job and paid for it myself because they damn sure weren’t buying my anything like that.

    Oh yeah, one time I got an attitude and pretended like I didn’t see my mom at the mall and she left me there. We lived 45 minutes away from the mall. I had to sit in the mall until I ran into a family from the same town I lived in and caught a ride home with them.

    Kids these days have it easy.

    1. My sister stole some money and clothes from me. Our mom made her pay me back for everything and let me take one thing from her room until she paid me back. I chose the handset to her telephone.

  2. Half of these looks borderline abusive… Of course I don’t have full context but that’s not how you treat your damn kids.

    1. The one about sleeping on the patio is definitely abusive. Like, anywhere with decent child safety laws would say that denying your kid safe shelter is abusive. Also, this is how kids wind up in really dangerous situations because they decide they’re not sleeping on the patio in cold/wet/insect-y weather and go looking for other places to sleep. If they’re lucky they have a friend nearby. If they’re not lucky, that puts them in prime position to be taken advantage of by some fuckhead adult.

      1. I was thinking that! Plus, if they know they’re not going to be allowed in if they miss curfew- I just wouldn’t have come home then. If the option is staying out our going to a friend’s, or sleeping outside- not going to sleep outside. That and who makes their kid sleep outside!!!

    2. Depends on your state’s laws, but probably not. It’s all about the circumstances. A brick stoop in January in Alaska is much different than an enclosed patio with locking exterior door in nice weather. But it’s very unlikely you lose custody of your kid over it.

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