17 Utterly Bizarre Children’s Toys

I don’t know if giving your kid strange, creepy toys will make them into a strange, creepy adult… but best not to risk it. [via 22words]



22 responses to 17 Utterly Bizarre Children’s Toys

  1. I’ve seen the unicorn one before! Only I think our version had a narwhal. Also it’s not a kid’s toy, it’s a gag gift for adults. Still funny though.

      1. Who needs a reason to kill a mime? I challenge to come up with reasons NOT to want to kill a mime. I’d use silent method.

    1. One of them says “Funny Cage” on the package so that would be a good tipoff that it’s not an actual child’s toy.

  2. You know, that playmobil set, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look that happy going through airport security.

    1. Well, in theory, for kids who were interested in studying microbes, they’d be a perfect gift, wouldn’t they?

  3. As much as I’m curious to see how the baby’s first baby doll works, the fact that I’ve never seen it used tells me it’s a fake.

    1. it was an art project created by a guy who was tired of people accusing baby dolls of leading to teenage pregnancy, iirc.

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