23 Examples of Completely Terrible Design

Here’s the “Design Test”. Can you look at it without laughing? No? Okay, you failed the test. [via ebaumsworld]



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      1. 1) still a cat, no LOLS
        2) perhaps I overthought it, but is it funny because the visiting teams side (the minutes column on a conventional clock) will nearly ALWAYS be much higher than the home teams side? No LOL but SP (silent puzzlement).
        3) Pretty damn funny! A marked sound of breathe/air coming out of my nostrils!
        4) FUNNY! I drew a Venn diagram and found some of the groups totally excluded each other! The total sum of people who could use that toilet (assuming the conditions stated were additive) would be ZERO! Actual LOL!
        5) I am amazed this one made it to the publication stage! (IAATOMITTPS) Actual LOL!!
        6) Hilarious! Cybord baby with her face-slidey sidekick. Actual LOL!!!
        7) This took some thinking. I could see how street traffic could find this highly offensive, but then I bet you’d just show them the 2 side panels and you’d all laugh and be friends. Oh and you can put away your tits. Actual LOL !!!!
        8) Looks like rebranded 2010 material, that has actually been added to. Impressive, but no LOL here sorry my frugal friend.
        9) Impractical design (ID). Little raise of one or both eyebrows, couldnt tell without a mirror.
        10) Another example of ID (AEOID, see #9). I imagined waddling with a little underpant sultana still wedged in my crack and then seeing a friend or relative brushing their teeth: actual LOL !!!!!
        11) Another IAATOMITTPS (see #5). Actual LOL !!!!!!
        12) Yet another IAATOMITTPS (YAIAATOMITTPS), Actual LOL !!!!!! (with slight sympathies for the presumably gorgeous lady on the poorly placed billboard)
        13) Humorous acronym (HA)- inappropriate but borderline LOL. Context would be everything here.
        14) Borderline LOL. I can see how it can be difficult to make forearms into a sex, but perhaps arm hair is a more common accoutrement vs a necktie and collar, which I have rarely, if ever, seen. (IAATOMITTPS)
        15) When did something being potentially fatal ever stop me from laughing out loud? Well, often, but not this time! Actual LOL. !!!!!!!
        16) Who is that guy who looks like he is being aimed at? Probably LOL! Be too bad if something happened though,
        17) ID, LOL!
        18) AEOID (see #10). LOL!
        19) Not well thought through, but a streaming video could be LOL. Otherwise just humourous, but *still good!*
        20) Funniest thing ever! The cartoon was unnecessary but didn’t detreact. Total LOL !!!!!!!!!!
        21) Love, Morriage, Boby. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!
        22) In my country this would be impractical.
        23) Santa bog, lol! !!!!!!!!!!
        24) Hard to read and the sentences seem to be confusing.

        So there you have it, my thoughts, and some actual LOLs! What do you think? Share your thoughts and opinions below or follow my link above!

    1. Primark. Don’t think it’s an international company (UK) but now I know there’s a market out there, you’ll probably see them cropping up on eBay as I bought 4 pairs before deciding my feet were severely overweight. Glad to know it was less the fault of my feet and more primarks 4 for £3 deal that ruined me 🙁

  1. I actually found the last one to be pretty ingenious. You just have to read it right.

    I do feel bad for the Ohio fan who bought that clock though.

    1. You are wrong. If you are going to use columns, you have to make it clear that you are using columns. Is it possible to read correctly? Yes. Is it easy? No. Can it be done in a quick glance? No. Therefore, it is a bad design.

    2. I’m not the op, I just don’t know how to create an account. I wonder if the designers intent was to create a bad design. As if saying “if you recognize how flawed this design is, you’ll work well on our team. We’re not designers we’re leaders, haha”. If they didn’t randomly switch font colors for one line it would be more readable.

      1. I thought it was because the numbers are red but also the background is red so it’s too hard to read the time on it.

    1. The Ohio State side (“Home”) is on the hour side. The number on that side will never get higher than 12/24 (depening on time format setting). The Visitors side displays minutes, which can get as high as 59.

      59<12/24. So, most of the time, it would appear that Ohio State is losing, which would bum out your average Ohio State fan.

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