18 Pics That Will Make You Slightly Uncomfortable

These won’t ruin your day or anything, they might be worth sighing nervously about. [via smosh]



20 responses to 18 Pics That Will Make You Slightly Uncomfortable

  1. At first I thought that was a wad of hair on that toothbrush. I was less grossed out once I realized it was a spider.

    And the avocado isn’t weird, it’s just cut into three pieces and the pit is in the middle (not shown) piece.

    1. Trypophobia is the fear of holes or holes in things like English muffins or uniform bubbles or sponges or other stuff with holes hence the uncomfortable soapy water

  2. What’s “uncomfortable” with the bubbles? This phenomenon is called “close-packing of equal spheres” with an average density of 74% and it’s quite natural, e.g. when you shake a bottle of coke, open it and close it as fast as possible, and then look at the bubbles. Same thing.

    1. It’s called Trypophobia, a fear of things with too many closely-packed holes or bumps. Been theorized to be an instinctive avoidance of parasite-infected flesh, among other things.

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