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  1. Oh god, I need a couple of those trophies on my next pregnancy. People on the bus are jerk. Some fake to sleep, or stare at their phone and act as they never seem you (EVEN IF YOU BELLY TAKES HALF THE BUS), I even had a guy pushing me aside to enter the bus before me to steal the last available seat (which, of course, he didn’t keep. Come on). I can’t count the number of time I had to wave at someone in order to get their attention, and get them to move. It’s not just a matter of confort : it is a matter of security. A pregnant woman as less balance, so standing on a bus for her is harder. If she falls, it will probably make everyone commute way longer, because at the first sign of slight pain, they will call the ambulance and wait for it.

    (Oh, and it’s a matter of confort for all the people of the bus too. Some pregnant women (like me) are sick through all their pregnancy. Staying up on a bus ride would have cause me to puke everywhere, which is not fun for anybody)

    I can count the people that saw me enter and gave me their seat on one hand. Their should be rewards for being nice.

      1. “Just stop being poor?” Have you tried to find parking in a big city? Or pay for parking 40 miles from where you’re going? You may as well catch the bus or just walk from your house. Save that parking money for your kid’s first year of college.

      2. LOL.

        Yeah, I could always use my car (the one that I already own). I could always drive 1 hour to go to work, and pay 20$ per day for a parking.

        Or, I could take the bus that gets me there in 30 minutes for a fraction of the price.


      3. I used to live in large cities where I either walked when things were close together, used public transport, used Zipcar, or called a cab (this was before Uber and Lyft). It didn’t make sense to have a car. Now I live in a smaller, very spread out city where I have to have a car. I hate it. I hate the traffic, and I’ve also gotten fatter. If I could take the bus everywhere, I would, but the public transportation system here sucks.

        Beyond that, I don’t know if you’re just trying to get a rise out of people or not, but you seem like an asshole.

    1. If I see an obviously pregnant woman I will always offer her my seat. I’m disgusted at those who don’t and who are taking up the seats reserved for pregnant women! The only thing is sometimes I really do find it hard to tell so I’m cautious and by the time I work it out the ride is over. I make it a point to offer my seat to anyone who looks uncomfortable though, old, pregnant, young, disabled, whoever. Of course there are some who will exploit that. But I think someone actually getting to sit down after a hard day is worth it.

      1. Yeah I get offered seats all the time (I’m just overweight). I’m never going to get offended or make a scene but I’ll give it up for the next pregnant looking woman.

    2. I’m a young guy and look fit and healthy, but I have a medical condition and can’t stand for long periods.

      I get dirty looks from all the entitled pregnant women who think the world revolves around their unprotected sex bumps.

      Newsflash – It doesn’t.

          1. Do you expect them to just *know* that you have a fucking medical condition when you look like a fit and healthy young man? A pregnant woman has the exact same fucking condition as you–that she can’t stand for long periods of time–except there is also another living being inside of her that she is trying to protect. So sorry that a mother looking out for the safety of herself and her unborn child bothers you so much! Jackass.

      1. Same. Young healthy looking woman who has vertigo. I can’t stand. I take the train and the bus every day. If you’re sick, you need to ask for that seat, no one is going to give it up just because they see you. People who take public transportation every day are too tired and sick of humanity to look at other people all the time, it’s exhausting, traveling while crushed in a crowd. If I need that handicapped seat, I ask for it.

        1. I really can’t stand people who just get onto public transport and then stand there giving everyone dirty looks because I’ve not jumped up and offered them my seat.
          People need to learn to ASK. Seriously. This world is too busy and too crowded for us to be trying to gauge the feelings and wants of every other person on a packed train by observation alone.

    3. Please, and this goes for us disabled folk as well as healthy pregnant women. if you need a seat then ask but don’t get offended if refused. However if you do ask multiple people for a seat and they all say no – and it’s not a city convention of invisible disabilities going on – then they are being dicks.

      Please ASK though. Some of us can’t read facial cues and you could be standing next to me coughing and staring at me pointedly and I’ll just assume you have a cold!

  2. I had the same problem with both my pregnancies, BUT I am rather large even when not pregnant, so I think people were afraid of offering me a seat in case I wasn’t pregnant and would be offended. LOL.

    1. It’s a chandelier attached to a street light…because that looks to be a destitute area so a chandelier seems out of place

      1. Now “you” just being silly .With that type of grammar I’ll just assume “you” “dada” left after dropping his load in “you” “mama” .

        1. What’s with all the twats in the comments on this pic dump? Why are you here? Nobody likes you. Go away!

          It may just be that this person doesn’t type well, or it may be that they speak English as a second language. You don’t know, but people who resort to making fun of others’ grammar usually do so because they don’t have any other pot to piss in. So go ahead, be a scummy little racist if that’s what helps you feel better about your own mediocrity, you fucking loser.

          1. I agree with you on this one, even though I have a nagging suspicion you were refering to me as one of the ‘twats in the comments’.

            I think you should tone it down a little though. This is supposed to be fun – it’s not a place to hurl insults.

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