34 Memes Only For 90’s Kids

Sometimes I think things were better in the 90’s and then I realize I’m mostly remembering my lack of responsibilities. Still good, though. [via buzzfeed]



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    1. No, I’m pretty sure they meant no crying tears, just based on the fact that it’s supposed to be a gentle shampoo and also, they pronounced it the correct way in the commercials.

      1. This is a marketing trick. They technically meant no tears (pronounced like stairs) in your hair, but it’s a homograph and most people took it to meant tears (pronounced like fears), which is a far better selling point for children’s shampoos. They technically aren’t doing anything wrong, you’re the one who misunderstood. It’s genius and evil!

  1. TIL 90’s kids think they’re the only ones who…

    – shot little wads of paper with rubber bands
    – passed notes using paper folded into triangles (when they find out you can play football the triangles, they’ll take credit for that too)
    – were disappointed by inflatable chairs
    – tangled up a slinky
    – had a ball under the parachute in gym class
    – got burned or shocked from slides
    – had their eyes burned out with shampoo (shit when I was a kid, shampoo came in a glass bottle. Think about that for a minute and cringe)
    – sharpened their pencil to a nub
    – poked a hole in the side of a juice bag
    – got a kick out of seeing AV equipment in a classroom when you walked in
    – pass notes
    – call a crush on the phone
    – roll down a car window
    – wear bell bottoms
    – watch scrambled porn.

  2. How is the pink amoxicillin 90’s kids only? I work in a pharmacy and make like 10 of those per shift. Trust me it smells and tastes exactly the same as I remember

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