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heck if i know comics

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    1. Original image had the tag “My girlfriend says I dress like an old man. Today the world proved her right” or something along those lines.

    2. Saw this one elsewhere recently, and it had a caption that said something like, “Girlfriend told me this morning that I was dressed like an old man. Didn’t believe her until …”

    3. The guys are wearing the same clothes. The other version i saw had the caption “my girlfriend told me i was dressed like an old man. I didn’t believe her until i saw this” or some shit like that

      1. I read somewhere that there was another version of this which had some caption. I can only remember half the words, it was something like “my ____ told _____ I ___ dressed ______ an _____ man. ____ didn’t _______ her ______ I ______ this.” Or some shit like that apparently.

      2. I’m pretty sure I saw that picture somewhere else and there was a caption with it, but I can only remember half the words. It was something like, “____ girlfriend _____ me ___ was ______ like _____ old ____. I _______ believe ______ until ______ saw ____.”

        Or some shit like that.

  1. Look at the crap in that shopping cart! Tetris helped you, ok. Next you’ll be needing help from a dialysis machine and an oncologist. Jeez.

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