Just Following Directions (38 Pics)

The best kind of rule-breaking is “not technically”. [via thechive]



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  1. Behold my people: the smart-asses of the world.

    I keep seeing those “they put the specified letter at the wrong spot in my name” pictures, and it’s increasingly clear that this is a dismissive gesture that has caught on among Starbucks employees. Because you know what? It doesn’t freaking matter how your name is spelled. The barista isn’t putting it in their list of contacts so they can get to know you later. It’s just so they can identify which drink belongs to which person. It’s not as though you’ll be barred from receiving the beverage if the spelling on the cup doesn’t match up with your driver’s license. There’s really no need to bring Scripps into a coffee transaction.

  2. That breast feeding woman is perfect. I don’t buy that seeing a breastfeeding baby will scar me for life baloney.

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