20 Memes Teachers Will Understand Perfectly

Memes aren’t just for those ungrateful students of yours! [via buzzfeed]



10 responses to 20 Memes Teachers Will Understand Perfectly

  1. The teacher funded classroom one is so true. We have the board, desks and projector. My school let me use the poster printer to make a few things but otherwise I was on my own for everything. A lot of days I can feel that raptor one too. I’m usually happy to see my students and their parents at the store, if only because they’re always so excited and shocked to see me.

    1. You guys deserve higher pay.

      You make millions for tossing around a pointed leather ball, teach little kids and you really don’t get paid at all.

      1. I don’t disagree that they deserve higher pay.

        But there are a hell of a lot more people that can teach well than there are people who can toss around a pointed leather ball at that level. Supply and demand are real things and can’t be discounted.

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