The Difference Between Moms and Dads (21 Pics)

When it comes to parenting styles I’ll never forget what my mom told me. She said, “I have a migraine please stop asking me questions.” [via 22words]



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    1. One of my favorite pictures of my daughter from when she was 0 years old was her looking very worried at the “impact resistant” sticker from her sunglasses that I stuck on her forehead.

  1. The 1st pic is totally wrong because that is Katie Holmes with her daughter Suri . Tom Cruise is the father & is not around or involved with his daughter so it’s definitely a fake pic.

    1. How do you know Tom DIDN’T steal Suri’s bike to ride when he left??? DO YOU KNOW TOM? HE LOVES CHILDREN’S BIKES!!

    1. … what? Where did the overprotective come from much less the breeding machines? And those dads are pretty rocking it. not everything that is about how men and women approach things differently is sexist, you know. Or – I guess you don’t know. but now you do!

  2. The only thing I gathered from this post was that mothers have access to professional photographers at all times while fathers do not, and that nobody noticed one of the sets of pictures was in here twice.

    1. that’s because the fathers were taking the pictures of the mothers…

      as a side note: pick best (stock) examples of mothers, pick darwin award nominees for the fathers. yes, totally OK…

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