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    1. Racist suggestion that Italians due to their links with the mafia collude with the police force to deliberately fasten cuffs in such a manner that they are as to slip off thus rendering the perpetrator free to escape.

      1. Well, being that I’m a Canadian born Italian, I can tell you that my *race* is Caucasian, whereas my *ethnicity* is Italian. So the suggestion that Italians are linked to the mafia is not *racist*, it is a common *stereotype*. Also, I don’t think the photo was suggesting that all Italians are linked to the mafia and that they collude with police to allow perpetrators to escape… it’s suggesting that all Italians talk while using gestures with their hands (a more true stereotype than the mafia one), and that by handcuffing their fingers like that you render them incapable of of talking, let alone escaping.

    2. Italians talk with their hands. Stop them from moving their hands – they stop talking. It’s a poor joke but I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s getting at.

    3. it’s a shitty reddit trend, a joke where people take a photo doing that hand position and they have it with various scenarios. I really hope it goes away quickly because it was never funny.

    4. Dont listen to Helen. Because thats utter nonsense.
      There is a meme going around “how Italians do….” And its basically a pic of someone doing a mundane task but with their hand in this expression(Italians talk with their hands and this is a common expression).
      The above example is pretty stupid.

    1. In the Disney Beauty and the Beast, everyone turns back into humans including the mop that turns into the maid. In this one, when they turn back to humans everyone realized that Lumiere was just flirting with an actual mop all along.

      1. Feather duster. She was feather duster.
        Geesh. WTF is wrong with you? No one flirts with a mop.
        Whereas feather dusters are knoen for being sexy.

    1. Not sure. But the two pictures are from different times as it looks properly parked in second one. Maybe it’s just haha, bread in car grill is empirically funny?

    2. The BMW “Toaster” is a type of motorcycle. I don’t know why bread in the grille of a BMW car is a thing, but there are other instances to be found on the Interwebs.

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