16 Hilarious Text Exchanges

I wish my text messages were this funny. Also I wish someone would text me. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. I don’t understand any mom who would tolerate her son loudly having sex in her house. Either be quiet or use your car, dammit!

    1. Yeah, wtf. Texting your other kid about how loud your son is being? Just go knock on his door and tell him to either keep it down or go to a hotel.

      Also, don’t give your cats ice cream! They’re lactose intolerant, don’t give them ice cream!

      1. it was pretty effing subtle, then. I thought she worked at the store and was done setting up that arrangement. Granted, the text recipient would presumably know better.

        I want to know what’s up with all these people saying fuck to their moms! Is that not The Mother of all Swears?

        I loved the guy texting the random in front of him. “love you” “U 2”

        This has been spargle’s commentary.

      1. I’m still kinda lost on the picture (not enough context), but from knowing someone who owns a flower shop, some people who work at one might not actually appreciate flowers as much as others (if at all), even on days like Valentine’s Day. If you do, do NOT get them flowers from a rival shop.

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