30 of The Dumbest Arguments Ever

Redditors shared the most pointless arguments they’ve ever had and the results were incredible. And if you don’t think the results were incredible, I am ready to argue with you. [via 22words]



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          1. The inventor of the .gif format has stated that he intended it to be pronounced like the peanut butter. Furthermore, when reading the file extension it can commonly be read as “dot G-I-F”, “dot gif.”

    1. Gift, get, gynecology, etc. English is weird.
      Also, I believe you gave all examples of hard gs.

    2. Do you have problems when you go out to buy gifts for your girlfriend?

      I don’t know why people have to argue so ridiculously about how to pronounce GIF. It’s not like there isn’t a lot of things in the English language that people pronounce differently based on region or preference. Like crayon or caramel or gigabytes which is apparently supposed to have a soft g (jigabites).

  1. I can’t say I understand the great toilet paper debate. As long as there’s toilet paper available, I’m not complaining.

  2. Of course Die Hard and Home Alone are christmas movies!!! Its a key point in the movie that they take place at Christmas. And they have Christmas songs in them.

    1. Yeah I’d ask someone to define Christmas movies in such a way that they aren’t included but include all of their self-defined “Christmas movies”.

  3. In Latin, there is a grammar rule about using special cases with “the names of cities, towns, small islands, domus, rus and humus”. As a graduate student, I don’t know how many times we argued about what constituted a “small island” and we ultimately decided that someone needed to write a dissertation about it. Ah, the good ol’ days!

  4. I’ve had an ongoing argument with my boyfriend on whether or not, in the movie The Lake House, Keanu Reeves character is technically a ghost the whole time.
    I argue that he is because I’m Sandra Bullock’s timeline he dies in the beginning.

  5. I sustained the position — seriously and straight-faced — that Jar Jar Binks was/is the most important character in the Star Wars universe. For thirty minutes, providing detailed examples of my theory. Hardest $20 I ever earned.

  6. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. This is a legit concern, but it’s petty to argue rather than discuss how to improve communication skills
    4. No
    5. I would too
    6. Depth is irrelevant – pots have 2 handles and pans have 1 or none (such as cake pans)
    7. Technically no, but practically and legally yes
    8. They are one in the same
    9. It depends on your cat
    10. Probably, but yeah, it’s still going to be a bad time
    11. No
    12. Flavor wise, there’s no difference
    13. It depends on how long it’s been in the sunlight
    14. Meat
    15. I can’t even
    16. It’s a subtype of mayonnaise
    17. Donuts existed before lasers
    18. Like Jif, according to the inventor
    19. Depends on the director
    20. I’ve never heard of Chambers
    21. Either the background or the dots were yellow; the other color is never revealed
    22. One windshield per car
    23. Candles were invented for light, not ambiance
    24. Christmas is part of the setting, but it’s not the central theme
    25. Only the imaginer gets to determine the size
    26. 5 boxes is a better deal, since it’s 20 nuggets for $4.95
    27. No, they are both distinct types of footwear
    28. They are not
    29. Gravity
    30. It’s Bob

  7. I got into an argument about zombies having rights. I argued that if your spouse, son or daughter became a zombie, you would instinctively want to protect them from people who would want to shoot them, and so long as you can prevent them from attacking others, you should. It’s like if a family member had violent tenancies with Alzheimers–you don’t just go and shoot them–even if their mind is gone….no one agreed with me.

  8. Jif is pronounced same as Gif. As in Giraffe.

    The “chips” debate has serious legal ramifications. Pringles doesn’t slice potatoes but makes a paste and prints out slices. Other potato chip companies didn’t want the competition and sued them. And that’s why Pringles are “potato CRISPS”.

  9. The guy who created gifs said that pronunciation is up to the person who says it.

    I don’t have a specific way to place toilet paper. I’ll do it either way.

  10. I once had a giant fight all night long with my best friend about how many of the 711s in our town had a gas station and which just had a store.

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