20 Times They Almost Nailed It

So close, yet so very far away. [via acidcow]



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    1. I don’t know. It’s pretty important to colour-code children so that people know what their genitals look like…

      1. Color coding very young children certainly makes it easier to know whether to say he or she, him or her.

        Or I guess we can just start calling all kids ‘it’ until they decide.

        1. Why do you need to know the gender of someone else’s child? Replace pronouns with nouns. How old is your child? What a cute baby! I wish they made your little person’s shoes in my size.

          1. At least let the kid have some idea of what they’re getting into before they declare a gender.

        2. “It” is okay to use for babies. “It’s a boy”, “it’s a girl”, “it’s crawling this way with murder in its eyes.” But, for seriously, back in the day when newborn layettes were green, yellow, white and plaid because prenatal testing and imaging wasn’t a thing, babies were routinely called “it” until they grew out of the layette.

        1. Social Justice Types find their way everywhere. Ignore them, they’ll go away in seven years or so when they get a new crusade.

    2. Until the 1930s, we actually did use pink for boys and blue for girls in the US. Smithsonian Magazine wrote an interesting article for those who want to delve into the details.

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