15 People Brutally Called Out on Social Media

If you post something dumb, people will call you out. A good way to prevent this is to simply never post. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. I was a lender for a while, and my supervisor told me that people with two first names are gypsies and that I needed to look at their applications extra carefully.

    1. It is true. Gypsies (Romani) lead transient lives and do not register the family name. The child instead carries the first name of their parent as their second name. For example, look at the famous gypsy dynasty starting with Stockard Channing. She is the mother of Channing Tatum, who is the father of Tatum O’Neill, mother of Neil Simon, father of Simon Pegg, father of Peggy Lee, mother of Lee Majors, father of Major Tom, father of Tom Hanks, father of Hank Marvin, father of Marvin Harrison, father of Harrison Ford, father of Ford Madox Ford, who was his own father.

      1. You’re hilarious James. For starters, Tatum O’Neill is not Neil Simon’s mother. Second of all, you’re seriously proposing that Harrison Ford is the great-grandson of Tom Hanks?


          1. I can’t remember the last time I met someone named Tom.. though it seems like it should be common its down to number 37 on the common US boy names… beaten out by Caleb and Elijah… so I wouldn’t call it “incredibly common”. Also never heard “John” as a last name though I guess it’s possible

          2. Those are “new” names. It’s #9 all time in the US. I can’t submit a link without getting flagged for moderation but the SSA website has the proof.

          3. Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Brady, Tom Petty, Tom Hardy, Tommy Chong, Tom Hiddleston, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Selleck, Tommy Lee, Tom Berenger, Tom Arnold, Tom Waits, Tommy Haas, Thomas Müller, Tom Wilkinson, Tom Baker, Tom Morello, Tom Clancy, Thomas Paine, Thomas Dolby, Tom Hollander, Tom Bosley, Tom Daley, Tommy Lee,

    1. I’m guessing the “your hair is showing” comment was supposed to be like “you’re not a good Muslim because your hair showing” and so the response was about them retweeting boobs which indicates that person is also not a good Muslim? Or something along those lines?

      I feel like I need an editor’s notes for some of these.

      Like what’s the Nutella one? The first person was making fun of the pronunciation – Noootella is made of hazelnooots? Pointing out that it’s made of hazelnuts and other stuff doesn’t explain why the “Nut” in “nutella” isn’t pronounced like the “nut” in “hazelnut”.

      1. I’m not sure what you thought was wrong with the Nutella one. It said it was pronounced “New-tell-uh”. That was from Nutella themselves saying that’s how you pronounce it.

      2. the first person was making fun of Americans pronouncing it “nootella”, because that was obviously wrong. The second person posted a link to the Nutella site, showing that nootella is actually correct. Third person appropriately pointed out the pwn.

  2. if anyone does not know where this post was from, buzzfeed. go check buzzfeed, but the order of the pictures was different though. fuck buzzfeed anyway. 😀

  3. I’m annoyed that the Steve Buscemi one needed to add pictures of him. If you don’t know who Steve Buscemi is, you don’t deserve to be in Internet.

    1. Actually what bothers me is that photos of Steve Buscemi don’t actually prove that he isn’t a governor. Even if you know he’s an actor and what he looks like he COULD still be in politics.

      But, of course, he isn’t a governor.

  4. I once went on a dinosaur hunting trip with steve jobs and I almost got attacked by a velociraptor, but Obama came in and saved us, then the 3 of us took down a t-rex together and drove away on a unicorn. true story.

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