What Are The Odds? (22 Pics)

It’s not exactly “one in a million”, but it’s enough to make you stop and scratch your chin. [via dumpaday]



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  1. The license plate one isn’t that unusual, as long as those cars are owned by the same person/family. It just means they acquired the license plates at the same time so they got consecutive numbers.

    1. I used to see two cars parked next to each other in front of a House in Chelsea, London, registration plates 2B and NOT2B.

          1. Wow! So it’s a massive coincidence then that all the stars of “Made in Chelsea” have British accents? Silly me thinking it was set in London. Helen, you may need to look outside of the US sometime – there’s a whole big other world out there!

          2. Anonymous, have you considered your own anti-American bigotry in assuming that just because she wrote her comment in English that she’s American?

            Now you’ll probably come back with “only an American could be so dumb and chauvinistic” but that will just further prove my point. 😉

          3. Dear “guest,”

            Oh, please. I say this as an American — the phrase “anti-American bigotry” is the biggest load of horseshit I’ve read all day.

        1. You sure have been cunting it up in the comments section lately, HELEN. Get the fuck outta here with your bitchy negativity!

          1. This one confirmed her as a troll, not an idiot.

            Well, maybe an idiot, but definitely a troll.

  2. Some of these are indeed interesting coincidences, but I feel like the guy with the dog doesn’t understand probability. It would be an unusual occurrence if a random dog walked into your house, carrying an unexpected pizza, at the same time that a dog and pizza were on the television. But I’m guessing that only one of those things is actually an independent variable in the picture.

    Presumably the guy who took the picture owns that dog, in which case the chances of it being in the room are practically 1:1. And if the guy is like me, he eats pizza a couple times a month, maybe once a week, usually while watching television. Under those circumstances, it’s not hard to imagine that at some point there would be a dog and a pizza on TV and in the actual room at the same time.It’s not that rare a pair of items.

    If the guy happened to be wearing clown makeup and holding a copy of Guns and Ammo and both of those things showed up on the TV screen, then I would be impressed.

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