20 Dogs Transformed By Haircuts

A trip to the groomers leaves these puppies looking fashionable. Don’t bother asking, they won’t groom a human. [via boredpanda]



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  1. They got their summer cuts. My smooshy puppers is due for his summer soon.
    I remember having a sheep dog growing up and when he got his summer cut, we went from having a sheep dog to a goat.

  2. Most owners don’t know this, but it’s actually dangerous to cut a dog’s hair too short. They don’t have the melanin that humans have that allows our skin to tan, so they are easily sunburned and can actually develop skin cancer

    1. I thought melanin was just the pigment that makes the skin/fur black-based in color? So, isn’t it a different chemical that makes us tan?

      1. Both: any of a class of insoluble pigments, found in all forms of animal life, that account for the dark color of skin, hair, fur, scales, feathers, etc.

      2. Please take note that someone with porcelain coloured skin will burn easily while someone with dark skin doesn’t. #science

    2. Not only that but I see some double coats here that have been shaved. Big no no. It keeps them cool in the hot weather. Shaving them will make them warmer.

    3. Plus some breeds – like sheepdogs, like the 7th from the bottom – have this deal with their eyesight. They have sensitive eyesight and the fur in their eyes helps keep them from getting too much light. So you’re not supposed to cut the fur out of their eyes. Do any of these people do any research before getting their dogs??

      Also, I know some dogs do need a trim for the summer, but don’t get a dog with long hair if you’re just going to shave all of it off!

    1. Chances are he found the photo and decided to redo it, but didn’t want to flip the original image so the dog was on the left.

    1. Ranges from 25 for chihuahuas to 40 for my 40 pound bc/chow mix, to about 60-80 for the 100+ pound monstrosities like Saint Bernards. My 70 pound sighthound would cost around 50.

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