19 Products Absurdly Marketed To Men

I wouldn’t want to use cotton swabs without a manly design, people might think I was a wuss. [via 22words]




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  1. “Woman, pick me up some’a them hardcore Q-tip multi-tools at the store. I bet they’ beat my old outmoded Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife all to hell!”

  2. Man bread, made of pure 100% unadulterated gluten, its nothing but gluten because nothing is manlier.

  3. Light lemon mayo dressing?!? That ain’t manly. You give me pure ghost pepper sauce and take out that vegetable crap and substitute it with meat or it ain’t a manly salad.

    1. I had a manly salad once. It was a lettuce leaf surrounded by cheese, meat, and two large, soft croutons. They called it a burger.

  4. Manly men don’t use ear protection, manly men put their ear to the noise, crank it up and listen until their ears ring and bleed!


  5. Man grenade path plaster? What is this weak garbage? Manly men don’t bathe. Real manly men hold on to a real grenade and blast the stink off like a real manly man.

    1. I read it as plaster at first too. I think it actually says “blaster” though. I guess I’m not manly enough for it, if I can’t even tell the difference between a b and a p right away.

  6. Manly men don’t get valentine’s day cards from women. Manly men don’t celebrate valentine’s day. We get manly with our manly man friends and take our clothes off and wrestle around together in a group and hug and hold each other and tell each other its all going to be ok and that we love each other. Like manly men!

    1. True, the prayer book is meant for them, has verses tailored to them, as does the woman’s prayer book. The rest of these are just weird like they won’t buy our stuff unless they make products that say “this is for you buy it!” Like when they make “girl legos”

    2. I was just thinking the same thing. I grew up in a religious household, and these types of prayer books were commonplace. I received one for teenage girls as a gift once, and my mom had one tailored for mothers.

  7. I remember when I was a nipper my favourite chocolate bar was a raisin Yorkie, which said NO GIRLS ALLOWED on it. I actually used to get my mum to buy them because I was worried about the cashier making a mean comment (I got a lot of teasing at school for being scruffy, deep voiced and a foot taller than the boys) I would love to go back in time and tell myself how pathetic and inconsequential all this is..

  8. Nothing like eating out some hot heavy cream between two buns to make you feel like a man :b

  9. same thing happens for the opposite sex too, but it’s funnier when it’s the MANLY EXTREME ULTRA POWER masculine products.

  10. It’s like the earplugs won’t work for a man unless they’re blue and won’t work for a woman unless they’re pink.

  11. Real men don’t use hand sanitizer. Wipe your hands off on your jeans and get on. Any comments questioning this statement are just dumb and shouldn’t be asked.

  12. As model builder I’ve never used q-tips for hygiene and (sadly) most model builders are male, so nothing wrong with that. 😀

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